AC/DC Power supplies

High quality AC/DC power supplies from reliable suppliers

AC/DC Power supplies

Our program includes:

Laboratory unit from Delta Elektronika 150 W up to 15 kW
It is characterized by having the market's best data that can be summarized with: My silent lab companion!
Short delivery times and built-in or options for communication interfaces and built-in loads for motor controls or fast load transmissions, speed up regulation, etc.
The SM15 series can send back the entire inductive energy to a synchronized 4-phase network.

Convection power supply 5 W to 1200 W from Delta Elektronika and Polyamp
Europe format 60 W to 280 W 3HE and 6 HE 1, 2, 3 output voltages
Standalone units 60 W to 1200 W
Polyamp AC/DC power supply has -25 to + 70 °C operating temperature and can also be used for installation.

Freestanding fan-cooled units 800 W to 3000 W
Freestanding fan-cooled 700 W to 3000 W, for installation, battery charging and are controllable.
Freestanding units for installation in trains and subways 600 W to 3000 W two and three phase models.
Redundant systems for even military applications.


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Polyamp Power Division is specialised in DC/DC converters and power supplies. Since the 1970's we design DC/DC converters with a reputation of very high reliability and electrical performance, used in systems with high demands.

Polyamp Systems Division is specialised in design of Naval electromagnetic signatures supression for international customers in Navies or shipyards. We also produce a Underwater Electric Potential (UEP) sensors which is mainly used in Naval and in Oil exploration applications.